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Clean your cloudy, green pool water now with us!

When a pool turns green with algae, the common causes are: neglect, poor filtration or the proper water chemistry was not maintained. Turning a green pool into a clean pool requires the knowledge of an experienced pool service and pool cleaning company, namely Orange Tree Pools!

First, we test the overall water chemistry for dissolved solids, hardness and Cyanuric Acid to determine the most cost effective route: chemical treating or deep cleaning. If the basic water chemistry is poor, we would recommend just draining the water from the pool and starting over with fresh water. If the water chemistry is good we would add the required amounts of shock, algaecide and phosphate removers. In Arizona, pools should be drained every 3-5 years due to the hardness of our water. The older the water is, the more difficult it becomes to maintain proper water chemistry.

If the algae is thick and the pool has become very green, we drain the water and recommend a chlorine wash. After draining we have a technician get into the pool and spray all surfaces with liquid chlorine to kill the algae. Once finished, the pool is filled up and the starter chemicals are added.

After the water is cleaned or emptied, we then analyze the filtration system for any problems. We would clean the filter if it is a Cartridge or DE style filter tank. Imagine what the pool filter looks like if the pool water is green! If the pool uses sand filtration, we inspect and stir up the sand before backwashing to flush debris from the sand filter.

After treating, analyzing and cleaning the water filtration media, we check the entire system for difficult problems that may have contributed to the green, cloudy pool water.


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