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Pool Drain and Refill Recommended During Winter Months

In Arizona it is recommended to drain your pool every 3-5 years due to the hardness of our water and our long swim season requiring more chemicals so we Recommend Drain and Refill during the Winter Months.

    • Cyanuric acid (CYA) level is the biggest factor when considering a drain. CYA is UV (sun rays) protector for the chlorine and is necessary in our sunny state. Ideal levels are 30-50 ppm (parts per million). Any higher and the effectiveness of the chlorine’s sanitation is dramatically reduced.
    • Calcium (hardness) starts off high due to Arizona’s water sources. Ideal levels are between 200-400ppm. Source water can range from anywhere between 140ppm to 600ppm depending on the city. Higher hardness levels will cause the water to be scale forming (calcium build up) and increases the importance of pH balancing. Over time, hardness rises and becomes difficult/impossible to keep calcium build up from occurring.

The fall/winter season is the perfect time of year to get fresh water into your pool.


    • Plaster cracks while exposed to heat. Pebble-tec is safe to be drained any time of the year. Fiberglass is recommended to only perform partial drains.
    • Additional work can be done on the pool while drained (replacing drain covers, fixing/replacing pool and SPA lights, re-surfacing and patching surface, underground plumbing work, etc.)
    • A chlorine rinse is optional but will give your pool surface a brighter/cleaner look.  If you had algae issues this summer, we always recommend the chlorine rinse because it will remove any remnants of algae that may remain embedded in the surface.