Let us clean up your green pool - Orange Tree Pools Let us clean up your green pool - Orange Tree Pools

The green pool cleanup is a 3 day process.

The first day we come and drain the pool’s water it can take 5-10 hours depending on some factors.

The second day is the big day on the second day we clean the debris and algae out of the pool by brushing and vacuuming and cleaning, then we do the chlorine rinse we also clean the filter at this time if applicable, and after all that is finished we start the pool filling again.

The third day we come back and finish the job by adding the startup chemicals to your pool and we wrap up the project.

Lastly you get to enjoy your nice clean pool this coming up spring and summer

You can contact us thru our website: https://www.orangetreepools.com/contact-us/ or you can also call or text us for a quote at 623-974-5300.

Causes of Green Pool Water

Green algae is the most common cause of green pool water. Filtering and skimming can help, but algae is often too small for filtering and skimming to be effective. Once you have green algae you will see free-floating clouds that make the water appear green and murky. Green algae sticks to the pool floor and walls making the algae hard to remove, a chlorine rinse or acid wash can do the trick.

We only recommend acid washing if you pool has staining or black algae, as the acid washing process actually removes a very thin layer of the surface. Acid washing is typically more expensive than a chlorine rinse. See this informative article on acid washing: