Swimming Pool Repair Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa, Gibert & Chandler, AZ Swimming Pool Repair Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa, Gibert & Chandler, AZ

Orange Tree Pool Service Provides Professional Pool Repairs

Orange Tree Pool Service technicians repair almost everything having to do with your pool. We work on all brands of pumps, motors, filters, cleaners, controllers, lights, chlorine generators (salt systems).

If your system doesn’t look or sound right, give us a call. With decades of experience in pool repairs, we take pride in giving you all of the options for the most cost-effective way to get your system back to normal operation.

Swimming pool filtration systems are made up of several different parts, each of which may break down over the life cycle of your pool. Unfortunately, when one part breaks it can sometimes make your pool unusable. The faster you repair a broken component, the less likely it is that one problem will end up cascading into several problems. At Orange Tree Pool Service we can diagnose and fix the majority of pool repair issues that you may encounter.

Leak Repair

Fixing an above ground water leak is important in keeping your pool properly filled. These water leaks can also leech pool chemicals into the soil close to your pool, which can hurt plant life in the area.

New Pump Installation

A functioning pool pump is vital for keeping your water circulating and crystal clear. If you hear strange noises coming from the pump, or if the system cannot hold a prime very well, both indicative of a problem that will need to be addressed. It’s usually better to have a new pump installed sooner rather than later to avoid a complete breakdown. If you’ve had a pool pump failure, our professional technicians can repair or replace your existing pump.

Heater Issues

While a water heater may not be necessary for your pool at the height of summer in the Phoenix area, you would be glad you have a functioning heater when the temperatures start dipping down in the winter, or you plan on spending time in your spa. Heating components can break down with little warning, generally failing without showing signs of wearing down.

Motor Repair or Replacement

Pump or booster motor failure is one of the more common types of pool repair issues residential customers experience, but it’s also a relatively straightforward fix.

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues with your pool can affect just about every aspect of your system. These problems need to be dealt with as soon as they pop up, especially if there is a possibility of a short circuit somewhere in the wiring or connections. The last thing you want is for a simple electrical problem to end up frying a critical component elsewhere in the system.

Filter Tank Issues

Dirty water is another fairly common pool repair issue, which usually can be traced back to the filter. After a few years, it becomes necessary to change out your filter media, since filters, sand, de media and other components can become worn down over time.

Pool Cleaner Repair and Installation

To get the larger debris, such as leaves out of your pool, it may be necessary to have a pool cleaner installed which stays on the bottom and works much like a vacuum cleaner. Robotic versions of these cleaners take almost all of the work out of cleaning, but they can break down like any other part of your pool. Having these cleaners serviced regularly can keep them in working order.

Pool Light and Fixture Replacement

Many pools have underwater lights that illuminate your backyard. When these aren’t working, not only are you’re missing out on the ambiance this light brings, but you may be at risk for much more dangerous electrical problems. Our professional pool repair technicians can troubleshoot, and safely repair your underwater pool and spa lights.

In Floor System Repairs

Orange Tree Pool Service has replacement parts, including pop up and gear head replacement heads for swimming pool in-floor cleaning systems. Keeping your in floor system running efficiently will go a long way towards keeping a sparkling clean pool.

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